11 years as an entrepreneur

Diego Peralta

Diego Peralta / over 4 years ago

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Long story short, while still being in high school, my friend Franco and I started to code websites for local businesses. We spent endless nights learning how to create cool animations with script.aculo.us and mootools. The WordPress codex was another website we used to visit often.

Something I realize today is that using open source tools allowed us both, learn from other people’s code and at the same time build sites with features that were ahead of time for our customers.

So we registered a domain and created a website for Bahia Studio, and that’s how our adventure begins! It’s amazing how time flies, isn’t it?

No doubts it has been an amazing journey so far, I'm really greatful to the people who helped me, opened me the doors and supported me during these years. I'm looking forward for the years to come and for many many new adventures.

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