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Fraidycat: follow from afar

 — #scrapping#social-media

Did I mention I quit social media? Yes, I did. And it felt great, the negative side it's I miss reading the stupid and not so stupid things my friends are posting. Especially during this corona times when there is not much to do, or is it?

As I'm getting older, I don't enjoy writing code just for the sake of coding anymore 🤷🏻‍♂️, I'm a little tired of reinventing the wheel over and over, I've been doing it since I'm 16 years old. So before jumping into my coding editor of choice (VS Code), I went to Github and searched for: social media scrappers. BINGO!

What's Fraidycat anyways?

Based on the author's description on Github:

Fraidycat is a browser extension for Firefox or Chrome - or an Electron app - that can be used to follow folks on a variety of platforms. But rather than showing you a traditional 'inbox' or 'feed' view of all the incoming posts - Fraidycat braces itself against this unbridled firehose! - you are shown an overview of who is active and a brief summary of their activity.

If you want to dig more on Fraidycat's, check the