Notes on self-healing

Diego Peralta

Diego Peralta / almost 4 years ago

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The most important aspects of my life have been drastically changing and not beeing able to react to those changes properly freaked me out.

Friendships, business partnerships and lately love relationships, the things that shaped my world, were falling apart in front of me. So I decided to press the stop button to take a moment to figure out how I really feel instead of making old patterns decide for me. I thought “this is the most authentic thing I can do for and to myself right now”.

Here is a short summary of the things I learned during that time.

4 things to remember during moments of inner turbulence and tough emotions:

  1. Do not hide from what you are feeling.
  2. The current discomfort is not permanent.
  3. Rest is an important way to calm the mind.
  4. Struggle can be a space of deep growth.

Healing and letting go will undoubtedly bring hard days as we expand beyond our old limits and settle into new habits and a clearer mindset. Part of the process is being okay with not being okay as we release the attachments that have been impacting the way we react and think.

Being ok with not being ok helps you letting go

Normally, we live life in a constant state of reactive accumulation, where we are simply adding more and more emotional/thought patterns into our subconscious that later push us into behaving in the ways that were common for us in the past— meaning that if we were prone to reacting with anger to difficult situations we will continue doing so when new situations remind us of past moments where we felt anger. The mind will literally repeat the emotions it has most often felt, because that is what it knows best.

Once we say yes to healing and growth we open the door that used to keep the patterns of the past locked away, through a practice that increases our awareness and helps the barrier between the conscious and subconscious become lighter and permeable, the imprints we used to accumulate everytime we felt an intense emotion start coming up to the surface so that they can be released.

An important part of letting go is feeling without reinforcing— you can be honest with yourself about the heavy emotions that are coming up and choose not to act them out or make them worse.

Tough emotions and agitated thoughts cannot takeover your life when you meet them with ease, acceptance and calmness. If you meet the rough parts of you with gentleness they will melt away, leaving you lighter and giving you more space to act from a place of wisdom. All you need to do is be okay with not being okay during tense moments of release.

Observe. Accept. Release. Transform.

From Diego Pérez words:

The inward movement can be summarized as follows: we observe ourselves, we accept what we find without judgment, we let it go, and the actual release causes our transformation.

We are already always changing, but when we focus on healing we can change in the direction of our choosing; these are moments when we intentionally reclaim our power. Every moment we take to know ourselves, we return as someone new.

Whatever calms and concentrates the mind causes the purifying release of old burdens that weigh us down. One can be successful with simple inward observation, but when we observe ourselves through proven healing techniques including different forms of meditation and therapy practices/healing modalities among many other things, we ignite the process of change to move at a faster rate.

Different techniques reach different layers of the mind. Ultimately, any practice that we feel is challenging, but not overwhelming, and is giving us real results is the right one for us at the moment. As we progress we may take on sharper tools for deeper healing. Anything that can heal the subconscious of our mind and create space for love is powerful enough to completely change our lives.

Something I've learned is that when things get tough we have to remember that we are not building something small, we are building a palace of peace within our own hearts and it takes determination and effort to complete something of such beauty and magnitude.

Moving forward

So this is my current mantra, I repeat it everyday:

I'm not fully healed.
I'm not fully wise.
I'm still on my way.
What it matters is that
I'm moving forward 💪

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